Insights from the SICP meetup

We organized a SICP reading meetup on 11th May in Pune. Our inspiration was similar meetup from our friends Siddharth and Soham in Mumbai. This was the second such meetup that we did. The first one was organized in April.

Fix weird PostgreSQL error after updating

Recently I updated and after that I started getting a weird error while running Active Record tests locally using PostgreSQL adapter.

Installing eventmachine gem on El Capitan

I keep forgetting how to install eventmachine on El Capitan Mac OS X.

Log notes while stopping Org timer

Recently I started tracking the time I spent on various coding activities using Org mode. C-c C-x C-i is used to start the timer and C-c C-x C-o is used to stop the timer. I like to add some details about where the time was spent when the timer is stopped. Org mode allows to enter such notes using org-log-note-clock-out variable.

Configuring web-mode with JSX

I use web-mode for editing different templates like html, .erb, .js.jsx. It understands React’s JSX tags also which is great because I don’t need a separate mode just for JSX.

Talk on React.js at RedDotRubyConf 2015

I gave a talk at Red Dot Ruby Conf Singapore in June on React.js.

Replace character with newline in Emacs

I keep forgetting about newline character in Emacs. Whenever I want to replace a character with newline, I always google. So I decided to blog about it so as to not google each time.

Talk at Garden City Ruby Conf

Recently, I and Vipul gave a talk at Garden City Ruby Conf. Here are our slides for the talk.

kgio, raindrops, unicorn and Ruby 2.2.0-preview1

I was trying to upgrade Codetriage to use Ruby 2.2.0-preview, the latest Ruby version. The project is hosted on Heroku. So to upgrade I changed Ruby version in Gemfile:

After effects of updating openssl on Mac OS X

Today, my openssl library on Mac OS X Mavericks got updated. After the update, when i tried doing rails s on one of the rails apps, it gave following error: