Fix weird PostgreSQL error after updating

Recently I updated and after that I started getting a weird error while running Active Record tests locally using PostgreSQL adapter.

Installing eventmachine gem on El Capitan

I keep forgetting how to install eventmachine on El Capitan Mac OS X.

Log notes while stopping Org timer

Recently I started tracking the time I spent on various coding activities using Org mode. C-c C-x C-i is used to start the timer and C-c C-x C-o is used to stop the timer. I like to add some details about where the time was spent when the timer is stopped. Org mode allows to enter such notes using org-log-note-clock-out variable.

Configuring web-mode with JSX

I use web-mode for editing different templates like html, .erb, .js.jsx. It understands React’s JSX tags also which is great because I don’t need a separate mode just for JSX.

Talk on React.js at RedDotRubyConf 2015

I gave a talk at Red Dot Ruby Conf Singapore in June on React.js.

Replace character with newline in Emacs

I keep forgetting about newline character in Emacs. Whenever I want to replace a character with newline, I always google. So I decided to blog about it so as to not google each time.

Talk at Garden City Ruby Conf

Recently, I and Vipul gave a talk at Garden City Ruby Conf. Here are our slides for the talk.

kgio, raindrops, unicorn and Ruby 2.2.0-preview1

I was trying to upgrade Codetriage to use Ruby 2.2.0-preview, the latest Ruby version. The project is hosted on Heroku. So to upgrade I changed Ruby version in Gemfile:

After effects of updating openssl on Mac OS X

Today, my openssl library on Mac OS X Mavericks got updated. After the update, when i tried doing rails s on one of the rails apps, it gave following error:

Talk at RubyKaigi

Recently, I gave a talk at RubyKaigi 2014. It was pretty awesome to talk at RubyKaigi. Here are my slides for the talk.